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  1. Take It Slow Constance TopTake It Slow Constance Top
  2. Take It Slow Tori TopTake It Slow Tori Top
  3. Take It Slow Mazu TopTake It Slow Mazu Top
  4. Take It Slow Elite BottomTake It Slow Elite Bottom
  5. Take Its Slow Lattice BottomTake Its Slow Lattice Bottom
  6. Take It Slow Neo Paramount BottomTake It Slow Neo Paramount Bottom
  7. Open Wild Majestic TopOpen Wild Majestic Top
  8. Open Wild Twirl TriangleOpen Wild Twirl Triangle
  9. Open Wild Danna TopOpen Wild Danna Top
  10. Open Wild Hella Cool BottomOpen Wild Hella Cool Bottom
  11. Open Wild Elite BottomOpen Wild Elite Bottom
  12. Open Wild Neo Paramount BottomOpen Wild Neo Paramount Bottom
  13. Spotted Jazz TopSpotted Jazz Top
  14. Spotted Basal TriangleSpotted Basal Triangle
  15. Spotted Elite BottomSpotted Elite Bottom
  16. Spotted Neo Paramount BottomSpotted Neo Paramount Bottom
  17. Natural Loose Ends Neo Pramount BottomNatural Loose Ends Neo Pramount Bottom
  18. Loose Ends Constance TriangleLoose Ends Constance Triangle
  19. Loose Ends Dainty TopLoose Ends Dainty Top
  20. Loose Ends The Knotty TopLoose Ends The Knotty Top
  21. Loose Ends Moon Bay BottomLoose Ends Moon Bay Bottom
  22. Loose Ends Elite BottomLoose Ends Elite Bottom
  23. Loose Ends Neo Paramount BottomsLoose Ends Neo Paramount Bottoms
  24. Textured Wave Eco White Majestic TopTextured Wave Eco White Majestic Top
  25. Textured Wave Slow Rose Majestic TopTextured Wave Slow Rose Majestic Top
  26. Textured Wave Sunset Orange Majestic TopTextured Wave Sunset Orange Majestic Top
  27. Textured Wave Black Majestic TopTextured Wave Black Majestic Top
  28. Textured Wave Sunset Orange Neo Paramount BottomTextured Wave Sunset Orange Neo Paramount Bottom
  29. Textured Wave Clover Green Neo Paramount BottomTextured Wave Clover Green Neo Paramount Bottom
  30. Textured Wave Slow Rose Neo Paramount BottomTextured Wave Slow Rose Neo Paramount Bottom
  31. Sparkling Sun Kiss Double Basal TriangleSparkling Sun Kiss Double Basal Triangle
  32. Sparkling Black Constance TriangleSparkling Black Constance Triangle
  33. Sun Kiss Caprice TopSun Kiss Caprice Top
  34. Slow Rose The Knotty TopSlow Rose The Knotty Top
  35. Slow Rose Dainty TopSlow Rose Dainty Top
  36. Clover Green The Knotty TopClover Green The Knotty Top